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Kynaston Tom Cobley

Bay stallion, 11.06.2019

By Dartdale Jimmy Lad and Roandale Slinky Jane. Tom is a traditional bay stallion with 2 white hind socks. He is a fantastic mover covers the ground with ease. Tom promotes many traits from the Dartdale and Roandale lines. The foremost being his exceptional temperament. Standing at 14hh at present. Tom is available for natural stud covering or fresh or chilled AI.

Roandale Forest Ranger

Bay Roan Dales stallion

Roandale Forest Ranger is a licensed bay roan dales stallion. Ranger is presently the only licensed bay roan dales stallion in the UK which is very exciting if you’re a true pony type. Ranger has good bones and substance coupled with the sweetest temperament with rare colouring. He is a real head turner, we all need a bit of colour in our lives. Ranger is available for natural stud covering or chilled AI.